Poorly Dressed


Stars and stripes, let them wave. Keep those striped pajamas on and enjoy these lined jokes to keep you toeing that... pass

This Bus Goes All the Way to Party-Town

bus color vomit leggings neon pretty colors stripes - 6202909696
Via No Way Girl

It's Sweater Weather For Everyone

monday thru friday traffic cone poorly dressed sweater stripes - 8402321408
Via IntellectumValdeAmat

Taking Coordination Too Far

towel poorly dressed matching stripes selfie - 8245041408
Via Acid Cow

Spotted at your local beach

beach body suit stripes - 5386822912

Your Top Slipped a Bit

midriff neon stripes - 4830179072

Stripes?! That Was So Last Season!

gif purse jump stripes - 7667013120

What Else Would You Wear For This Kind of Occasion?

American Flag fire patriotic overalls poorly dressed stripes - 8101205504
Created by theresaburger

It's All About Three Yellow Stripes

jackets stripes adidas - 7383331328

Going For That "Vintage Pepsi Can" Look

Via Izismile

The Stripes Help Not One Bit

back gross stripes - 6355337472

Thundercats! NOOOOOOOO!

cat stripes tiger - 4441534976

Care For A Dip?

beard stripes swimsuit - 5845621760

More Adventures in Public Transportation

bus color vomit public transportation stripes - 6428740864

Her Grandma Knitted It For Her. When She Was Eight.

knit stripes too small - 5253132544
Created by spleen2415

One Stylish Sheep

leash poorly dressed stripes sheep g rated - 8307616000
Via Allochkin

Not Actually the Uniform

monday thru friday poorly dressed stripes g rated - 8363203584
Via northparkdanger
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