Poorly Dressed


Stars and stripes, let them wave. Keep those striped pajamas on and enjoy these lined jokes to keep you toeing that... pass

Ever Wanted Semi-Permanent Striped Leggings?

poorly dressed skirt sunburn stripes g rated - 8211142144
Via martamarie

Stripes?! That Was So Last Season!

gif purse jump stripes - 7667013120
Created by Unknown

Thundercats! NOOOOOOOO!

cat stripes tiger - 4441534976
Created by Unknown

Spotted at your local beach

beach body suit stripes - 5386822912
Created by Unknown

Taking Coordination Too Far

towel poorly dressed matching stripes selfie - 8245041408
Via Acid Cow

Care For A Dip?

beard stripes swimsuit - 5845621760
Created by Unknown

You Mean, the Universe Won't Implode if I Wear That?

plaid stripes - 7038820096
Created by Unknown

Real Talk

sweaters stripes graphs poorly dressed g rated - 7348582400
Created by Unknown

Going For That "Vintage Pepsi Can" Look

Via Izismile

You Just Gotta Be Different, Don't You, Harry?

Harry Potter stripes - 6760007936
Created by Unknown

So Sexy

sweaters stripes SpongeBob SquarePants - 7318228480
Created by Unknown

So I Guess Stripes Are Big This Season?

poorly dressed matching stripes - 8425867264
Via Izismile

This Will Drive Me Crazy Now

poorly dressed socks stripes g rated - 8413959424
Via theBERRY

It's That Time of Year

tan shorts poorly dressed sunburn stripes - 8235359488
Via @TheLadBible

Your Top Slipped a Bit

midriff neon stripes - 4830179072
Created by Unknown

Don't Mix Horizontal and Vertical Stripes!

poorly dressed stripes rainbow - 8321302272
Via Izismile
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