Poorly Dressed


Stars and stripes, let them wave. Keep those striped pajamas on and enjoy these lined jokes to keep you toeing that... pass

This Will Drive Me Crazy Now

poorly dressed socks stripes g rated - 8413959424
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Did We Just Become Best Friends?

classroom stripes same outfits poorly dressed g rated - 7085523456
By Unknown

It's All About Three Yellow Stripes

jackets stripes adidas - 7383331328
By Unknown

Your Suit, Immortalized, in Cake Form

cake classy food stripes suit - 6061329920
By Unknown

Stripes?! That Was So Last Season!

gif purse jump stripes - 7667013120
By Unknown

Way Cooler Than Regular Stripes

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Her Grandma Knitted It For Her. When She Was Eight.

knit stripes too small - 5253132544
By spleen2415

It's That Time of Year

tan shorts poorly dressed sunburn stripes - 8235359488
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Not Actually the Uniform

monday thru friday poorly dressed stripes g rated - 8363203584
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Don't Mix Horizontal and Vertical Stripes!

poorly dressed stripes rainbow - 8321302272
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poorly dressed words t shirts stripes - 8394726912
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What Else Would You Wear For This Kind of Occasion?

American Flag fire patriotic overalls poorly dressed stripes - 8101205504
By theresaburger

You Mean, the Universe Won't Implode if I Wear That?

plaid stripes - 7038820096
By Unknown

One Stylish Sheep

leash poorly dressed stripes sheep g rated - 8307616000
Via Allochkin

Cyclops Has Really Let Himself Go

costume fairy stripes wings - 5935649536
By Unknown
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