Poorly Dressed


Work It, Brah

running street unitard - 5038474496
Created by jackjohn ( Via dumbtweets.com )

Porcelain Bling

necklace street toilet - 5094883328
Via www.wiocha.pl

Who Let the Dogs Out?

street dogs glasses - 7003765248
Created by Unknown

Freaking-Me-Out Elmo

bicycle doll elmo hat street - 5296524544
Created by Unknown

Someone Has Been Very, Very Naughty

cross dressing leggings sm street - 5251392512
Created by Unknown

Coats for Armless Hipsters

coat colors street - 5274646528
Created by mcveyla

Someone Left Her Hanging

street - 5220116224
Created by Unknown

Deez Nuts

bandana bra cross dressing hat nuts street - 5094590208
Created by Unknown

Lick It Good

hoodie ice cream street totally looks like yellow - 5244377600
Via www.dailydawdle.com

Someone Had Too Many Kryptonite Cheeseburgers

camo jacket street superman - 5220375040
Created by maxystone

Nobody Had the Courage to Tell Her She Forgot Her Pants

fishnets pants street - 5078981632
Created by powerpooch

Pretty Woman, Walking Down the Street

heels old street - 5148671744
Via www.wiocha.pl

All Hail the King and Queen of Urbania

king queen royalty store street - 5002764032
Created by nick

Ridin' Dirty

motorcycle see through street underwear - 5095726336
Created by Mister Smith

There's a Word for People Who Dress Like That and Hang Out in Similar Areas

corset heels street - 5094895104
Via www.wiocha.pl

I Suspect It's Magic Eye But I'm Too Scared to Get Closer

colors matching pattern street - 5269850368
Created by Unknown
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