Poorly Dressed


I Hope It Makes You Feel More Secure

clothing pants store - 5299919104
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Is That Box Coffin Shaped?

apron gross old pedo store weird - 4332523520
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As if Shopping In Your Pajamas Was Bad Enough...

badonk pajamas pants shopping store weave - 6261246976
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The Butt Slasher Is Still at Large

holes pants store - 5088288512
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Take That, Mannequins!

display mannequin pants store store display - 6511621888
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It's That New Leather Smell

accessories bag fart purse sign store - 5094738688
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Must Be Browsing the Low-(Waisted)-Budget Section

pants saggin store Video - 5115433472
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The Cruel Reality of Shopping

evil shoes store tall - 6497476608
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Those Shorts Complement Your Skin Tone a Little Too Well

Hall of Fame pantsless shorts store - 5277460480
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How Do You Stay in Business?

store - 7016798720
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A Denver Broncos Hat, Really?

cross dresser dress guy mall store tattoo tribal - 4530841344
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An Orange Purse?! Are You Crazy?

green orange pink purse store wig wtf - 4512300032
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Classic: Gets Me Every Time

bewbs bra classic lady bits pants poorly dressed store - 6478419200
By Unknown

Fashion Is a Vicious Business

dress code job retail store work - 5244287488
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One Heck of a Shemullet

hair mullet shopping store - 4252568064
By christellar

Back to School Shopping FAIL

back to school school store - 5152495616
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