Poorly Dressed


Stars shine brightly, just like you! These luminous balls of gas are just scintillating and marvelous in the night sky, and even in picture. So if you want all the wholesome and funny puns and memes that can come from these astronomically-oriented bodies, look no further.

Are You Man Enough For Mantyhose?

g rated Hall of Fame men pantyhose poorly dressed stars women - 5942909696
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This Isn't Bad, But I Generally Prefer Stripes

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Upon His Ears Hang Comets

band drag makeup singer stars - 4271593472
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This Dress is Out of This World

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They Must Make You Invincible!

mario converse shoes stars poorly dressed sneakers Super Mario bros - 8248867840
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And in That Moment, I Swear We Were Leggings

pants pretty colors stars - 6095338240
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