Poorly Dressed


They're Letting the Chinese Kids That Make Them Design Them Now

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Time For a New Pair of Chucks

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Way Cooler

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When You're Not Sure How Dressy the Occasion Is

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Just Do It! Then Stumble It! Then Break it In a Rain Gutter!

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The Only Time Looking at Your Shoes should Make You Hungry

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Get Right On That, Please

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Nice Shoes

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Foams Ain't Cheap

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They Must Make You Invincible!

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Looks Like a Sneaker, Feels Like a Pump

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Interested in a Pair of Tricera Hi-Tops?

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Don't Just Throw Those Old Sneakers Away

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Half-Assing It

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All the Other Kids With Their Puma Kicks!

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The Most Painful Shoes to Walk In

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