Poorly Dressed


Dat Gluteus Maximus!

body suits skeleton sexy - 6894570240
By Unknown

Get Some Sun!

body paint punk skeleton sun tan white - 4486481152

A Subtler Tribute to Halloween

earrings Jewelry poorly dressed skeleton - 8339792896
Via Chiq

Let These Slippers Express How Tired You Really Are

shoes fashion halloween skeleton - 7836721920
Via neatoshop

The Pelvic Bone's Connected to the. . .

halloween costumes skeleton funny - 7518203392
By adio260

She Has The Weirdest Boner

bones catwalk fashion skeleton - 5868994048
By Unknown

This Is Spinal Tapped Out

dress fashion show skeleton - 5067176704
By pooponastick

Mam, I Can See Through Your Pants

skeleton pants - 6684585728
By Unknown

Bet Way to Hold Drinks, No Bones About It

drink bones poorly dressed skeleton belt - 8307768064
Via Fashionably Geek

Tell Everyone They're X-Ray Tights

bones tights poorly dressed skeleton - 8307854080
Via Izismile

What's Up, Zombie Dog?

skeleton dogs - 6699498752
By Unknown

A Bare-Bones Grooming Job

poorly dressed skeleton horse g rated - 8196092928
Via Izismile

Who Put Heels On That Skeleton?

heels skeleton yearbook - 5911842816
By Unknown