Poorly Dressed


Women's Cycling Shorts Have a Suggestive Inside

shorts bicycle - 7791226368
Created by teufelwill

And That Top Totally Clashed With His Eyeshadow

cowboy boots Hall of Fame shorts - 5038283520
Created by Unknown

Not How Tie-Dye Works

shorts stain tie dye whoops - 6258299904
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What's the Weather Like Today?

shorts poorly dressed hat - 8438532352
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Clearly, She's Not Into Getting Handsy

shorts spikes funny - 7446361856
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Why Even Shorts at All?

shorts saggy pants underwear - 6943808768
Created by Unknown

A Perfect Summer Fashion Short-Cut

shorts poorly dressed g rated - 7788043008
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Cold? Who's Cold?

shorts poorly dressed cold winter - 8386917888
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Perfect Weather for Un-Shorts

cold lady bits pants shorts snow - 6169440256

WHo Loves Short-Jorts?

shorts fashion jorts short shorts - 7878992896
Created by Unknown

How Do You Know the Douche-Chill is Real?

fashion bro weather shorts winter g rated poorly dressed - 8005917696
Created by Unknown

He Wore an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie (Blue and Red) Bikini

shorts shirt bikinis - 7044692736
Created by Unknown

He Didn't Decide to Dress Up Till He Got to the Shoes?

shorts shoes poorly dressed - 8126054144
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You Better Answer

shorts poorly dressed - 8185437696
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One Etsy Entrepreneur Makes Shorts Out of Vintage Blankets

crochet shorts poorly dressed etsy vintage - 8436007424
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No One Will Be Able to Tell the Difference

shorts poorly dressed knockoff adidas - 8292884736
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