Poorly Dressed


How Do You Know the Douche-Chill is Real?

fashion bro weather shorts winter g rated poorly dressed - 8005917696
By Unknown

Clearly, She's Not Into Getting Handsy

shorts spikes funny - 7446361856
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Her Beard is Frilly Like Her Shorts

booty frilly hat shorts - 4228312320
By jenniferliou

It's That Time of Year

tan shorts poorly dressed sunburn stripes - 8235359488
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WHo Loves Short-Jorts?

shorts fashion jorts short shorts - 7878992896
By Unknown

When Traveling, Always Dress in Layers

shorts layers poorly dressed airport Travel - 8111535360
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Cold? Who's Cold?

shorts poorly dressed cold winter - 8386917888
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Who Wears Short Shorts?

shorts daisy dukes - 7376517632
By Unknown

One Etsy Entrepreneur Makes Shorts Out of Vintage Blankets

crochet shorts poorly dressed etsy vintage - 8436007424
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Cutoffs? Yes? No?

cutoffs jeans pants shorts - 6282344448
By sarah

Keeps Everything Warm

crochet knit shorts sweater underwear warm - 6013264384
By Snake_AfterDark

The One on the Left Is Making Eyes at Me, But I Think the One on the Right Is Actually Into Me

butt holes rip shorts tear - 5251714048
By Unknown

I Can See the Whites of Her Eyes and Lips

lip gloss pantsless shorts - 5099725056
By Unknown

Astromech Pantaloons

DIY nerdgasm shorts star wars - 6178818048
By anselmbe

No Ralph, What Are You Doing!

fashion shorts wtf wreck it ralph - 7938503424
By Unknown

Best of Both Worlds?

shorts jeans pants funny - 7589377792
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