Poorly Dressed


Her Beard is Frilly Like Her Shorts

booty frilly hat shorts - 4228312320
Created by jenniferliou

I Think You're Missing Some Jeans

daisy dukes jeans shorts weird wtf - 4597113600
Created by Unknown

He Wore an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie (Blue and Red) Bikini

shorts shirt bikinis - 7044692736
Created by Unknown

Those Shorts Complement Your Skin Tone a Little Too Well

Hall of Fame pantsless shorts store - 5277460480
Created by Unknown

Come On, Go Full Cutoff!

cutoffs fast food oh god why shorts - 6234436608
Created by artiepea

When Traveling, Always Dress in Layers

shorts layers poorly dressed airport Travel - 8111535360
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We Never Thought We'd Have to Tell Our Kids to Pull Their Shorts Down

shorts too short trends funny - 7450133504
Created by Megan ( Via www.facebook.com )


good idea jeans shorts wtf - 4193460224
Created by Unknown

The Family That Flaunts it Together, Stays Together

shorts jeans parenting dad - 7803458816
Created by Unknown

She Keeps the Pelts of Her Hunt on Her at All Times

jeans shorts stuffed animal what - 6104850432
Created by Unknown

The Shorts Are Staring Back at You

shorts poorly dressed steve buscemi g rated - 8242510592
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Women's Cycling Shorts Have a Suggestive Inside

shorts bicycle - 7791226368
Created by teufelwill

Your Shorts Seem Happy to See Me

shorts poorly dressed rip smile - 8372108800
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You Better Answer

shorts poorly dressed - 8185437696
Via The Chive

It's The Short Shorts That Really Make The Ensemble

beads shorts - 5871462400
Created by sarah ( Via www.topman.com )

What's the Weather Like Today?

shorts poorly dressed hat - 8438532352
Via FTWindsor
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