Poorly Dressed


Women Be Shopping, Women Be Shopping

love shopping - 6544622848
Created by Unknown

Somebody Keeps Shopping in the Kid's Section

crack shopping store sweatpants - 5910452736
Created by honchogrande

Advertising Coup: The Honest Advert

shopping sweater ugly poorly dressed g rated - 7688560640
Created by Unknown

I'd Love to See if the Carpet Matches the Drapes and the Wallpaper

hair mohawk retail shopping tie dye - 5274212352
Via nowaygirl.com

Time to Restock on Hairspray

hair fashion shopping classic poorly dressed g rated - 7859396096
Created by Unknown

Mistake Number 1: Going to Zumiez

rage comic shopping - 5654130176
Created by Unknown

Resist Urge To Bust Her Open in the Store

shopping shirt - 7797355776
Created by jackiebot ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Kids Find Ways to Entertain Themselves

poorly dressed kids shopping box parenting - 8351126528
Via theCHIVE

At Least It's the Diet Sugar

shopping poorly dressed g rated - 7654700032
Created by Unknown

He Must Play a Lot of Sports

shopping - 7312760320
Created by moshpitxmafia

Keep Your Paws Off Her Jammies

dogs shopping - 7842013184
Created by comicgeek12 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Wanna Know Where I Got These Scarves?

gap shopping the joker scarves - 6766686464
Created by Unknown

As if Shopping In Your Pajamas Was Bad Enough...

badonk pajamas pants shopping store weave - 6261246976
Created by Unknown

One Heck of a Shemullet

hair mullet shopping store - 4252568064
Created by christellar

This Walmart is SO Not Kawaii

dress kawaii shopping - 6225449728
Created by insectpins

That's Was the Only Way She'd Be Described as Finger Lickin' Good

chicken shopping why - 6162023168
Created by Unknown
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