Poorly Dressed

school photo

Lovely Lovely 'Burns

retro school photo sideburns vintage yearbook - 6264877312
By Unknown

Picture Day At The Petting Zoo

school photo funny animals - 7455684096
Via Angela Rossi, Beat Up Creations

Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta

school photo glamour shots - 6763846400
By Unknown

The Lord of 5th Period AP Chem

goth kilt school photo sword yearbook - 5185118464
By Unknown

Her Hair's Not The Only Thing That's High

hair school photo poorly dressed g rated - 7446344960
Via Ellen

Class of 2010: Most Likely To Have Their Picture Burned

bewbs oh god why prom school photo teeth what - 6230484224
By Unknown

The Mathletes Aren't Just After-School Anymore

chain gangster school photo - 6176174848
By Unknown