Poorly Dressed


Triple Sag

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How Do I Pants?

jeans sagging - 6991891712

For Those With Webbed Crotches

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She's Bitin' My Style, Double D

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Created by rjfTrebor

If he sags those you'll see his running shorts

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You Clearly Have a Belt, Please Use It

Via sistergnarly

I Stand Corrected. That Second Pair of Pants was Totally Necessary

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Cover Up My Ass? But My Head Is Already So Far Up It

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Three Times The Gangsta

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Created by el.carl2

Ahh the Beautiful Views at the Boardwalk

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The Growth Spurt Only Affected Half of Their Bodies

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From Where You Least Expect. . .

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Hippie Swagger

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Women Sag Too

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In 2040 Pants Won't Even Exist Anymore

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Don't You Have Shoulders? Suspenders Aren't Going to Support Themselves

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