Poorly Dressed


Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

What Have You Been Feeding That Croc?

Music puns crocs macklemore & ryan lewis - 7401603840
By Unknown

I'm Not Kitten Around

panties poorly dressed puns Cats - 8139572224
Via sneakhype

Wearing a Fedora Turns You Into THIS Guy

poorly dressed puns fedora facebook - 8121924608
Via Google

Keep Your Feet Safe and Warm

crochet poorly dressed puns slippers g rated - 8152168192
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Great Scott!

christmas poorly dressed back to the future puns christmas sweaters - 8405277184
Via theCHIVE

Let the World Know You Can Handle Your Nuts

poorly dressed puns t shirts nuts - 8431852288
Via Izismile

You've Cat to Be Kitten Me

Cats puns t shirts poorly dressed - 8082138880
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Math Teachers Have the Best T-Shirts

graphs puns math t shirts poorly dressed g rated - 8224741376
Via j_panda16

I See What You Did There

abraham lincoln puns poorly dressed - 8180426752
Via Stoltz3

Both Styles Are a little Cramping

fashion puns - 7868645376
By Unknown

Now That's How You Climb a Corporate Ladder

fashion job puns shirt - 7835184640
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Are You Bawking at My Purse?

purse chicken poorly dressed puns g rated - 8129993216
Via lelombrik

What Would Jesus Brew?

jesus poorly dressed puns t shirts tea - 8399377152
Via Goodie Two Sleeves

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

fashion puns shirt - 7997472512
By Unknown

Your Lips Are Sealed

glue puns makeup g rated poorly dressed - 7929509888
By Unknown

She's Going to Sleep, Right Meow

fashion puns relationships - 7863431424
By Unknown
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