Poorly Dressed


Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Both Styles Are a little Cramping

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Created by Unknown

Tie Chi to Achieve Nothingness

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Via Incidental Comics

Delicious Advice

cheese poorly dressed puns t shirts - 8217093888
Via TimmyTheTaliban

Good to Know

poorly dressed puns hat - 8150837760
Via The Chive

Interested in a Pair of Tricera Hi-Tops?

kickstarter shoes poorly dressed puns sneakers dinosaurs - 8288118528
Via Tricera Hi-Tops Kickstarter

This is One DJ That's Not Afraid to Go to The Roots

hair sign fashion puns - 7836959232
Created by Unknown

I See What You Did There

poorly dressed I see what you did there puns t shirts - 8425075456
Via Im_Mr_Fantastic

The Tread Count On This Dress is Surprising

fashion puns running - 7960535808
Created by Unknown

What Would Jesus Brew?

jesus poorly dressed puns t shirts tea - 8399377152
Via Goodie Two Sleeves

Math Teachers Have the Best T-Shirts

graphs puns math t shirts poorly dressed g rated - 8224741376
Via j_panda16

Hey Iron Man, Make Me a Sandwich

puns chef iron man - 6890695680
Created by Unknown

Happy Now?

dogs tie poorly dressed puns - 8178633216
Via Dump a Day

A Quick Costume That Won't Cost You Your Soul To Make

costume halloween puns poorly dressed g rated - 7868625152
Created by Unknown

Gary, You Have No Idea What Fantasy Football is, Do You?

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Created by Unknown

You Know What I Meant, Dad

hair puns parenting g rated - 8380555264
Via @BenPhillipsUK

Your Lips Are Sealed

glue puns makeup g rated poorly dressed - 7929509888
Created by Unknown
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