Poorly Dressed


Plaid is fad. Said almost no one ever. The punny plaid jokes will have you breaking out that long lost Holiday gift you totally "forgot" about. So whether you're a Plaidipus or just Plaid to be here, you'll find a home with everything and anything plaid.

Well Thank Goodness She Didn't Mix Plaids And Stripes

patterns plaid too much - 7438286592
By Unknown

Cats and Plaid: A Classic Combination

poorly dressed plaid Cats - 8178949632
Via Izismile

Formal Wear, the Hipster Section

hipsters plaid - 5491490816
By John King

You Never Know Where You'll Find Your Doppelgänger

poorly dressed concert plaid twins - 8400297216
Via Izismile

Don't Be THIS Couple

poorly dressed matching plaid dating - 8425890048
Via Mapping Words

They'll Never Find Me Here

hiding plaid poorly dressed g rated - 8255357184
Via Izismile

Ensuring A Career As A Used Car Salesman

retro plaid funny - 7455671040
By Unknown

Not Sure it's the Slacks With the Power

chest hair plaid - 4242195456
By Unknown

And You Thought Mixing Stripes and Plaid Was a Mistake

burger poorly dressed pattern plaid fries fast food g rated - 8134032384
Via Seriously For Real?

Paradise is High-Waisted Plaid Pants

pants patterns plaid poorly dressed g rated funny - 7414588672
By Unknown


plaid - 5425617408
By thislittledifference

I've Got Beasts in My Briefs, If You Know What I Mean

dogs fashion plaid shirt weird what - 6377428480
By insectpins

Sleeves: They Double as Boobstraps

flannel plaid - 5003012608
By Unknown

Who Wore it Better?

matching plaid poorly dressed - 8083630080
By Unknown

Plaid EVERYTHING is In, Right?

poorly dressed plaid - 8135129088
Via Sloth News

The Other Other Marx Brother

fashion plaid - 6185834496
By Unknown
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