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Plaid is fad. Said almost no one ever. The punny plaid jokes will have you breaking out that long lost Holiday gift you totally "forgot" about. So whether you're a Plaidipus or just Plaid to be here, you'll find a home with everything and anything plaid.

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As a Seattlite, I 100% agree with this song

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Unofficial Uniform

poorly dressed matching plaid - 8436459008
Via surly_duff

Presenting the Current World Bowling Champion

Bling flannel gangster plaid suit - 5259364608
Created by mole21401

Return of the Lazy...

short shorts plaid - 7672311552
Created by Unknown

My Eyes, My Eyes!

patterns plaid funny - 7592656384
Created by Unknown

Don't Be THIS Couple

poorly dressed matching plaid dating - 8425890048
Via Mapping Words

Well Thank Goodness She Didn't Mix Plaids And Stripes

patterns plaid too much - 7438286592
Created by Unknown

Wear Yours Tomorrow!

poorly dressed plaid shirt g rated - 8386162944
Via Izismile

You Mean, the Universe Won't Implode if I Wear That?

plaid stripes - 7038820096
Created by Unknown

I Will Wear ALL the Patterns

patterns plaid funny - 7534065664
Created by biglawyer

You Never Know Where You'll Find Your Doppelgänger

poorly dressed concert plaid twins - 8400297216
Via Izismile

Sleeves: They Double as Boobstraps

flannel plaid - 5003012608
Created by Unknown

Who Wore it Better?

matching plaid poorly dressed - 8083630080
Created by Unknown


plaid - 5425617408
Created by thislittledifference

Not Sure it's the Slacks With the Power

chest hair plaid - 4242195456
Created by Unknown

Ensuring A Career As A Used Car Salesman

retro plaid funny - 7455671040
Created by Unknown
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