Poorly Dressed


Isn't That Cute

gauges hate piercings plugs shirt tattoos - 4386689536
Created by Unknown

Selling Limes?

piercings - 5968130816
Created by Unknown

Where's the Power Pellet?

Via Joanne Casey

No Expense Spared

dollar bills haircut money piercings wtf - 4658832384
Created by Unknown

Fetch Me the Strongest Magnet You Have

piercings rings tattoo - 4993373952
Created by maxystone

This Is Why I Take Public Transportation

earrings piercings train - 4941805312
Created by Unknown

Agh Her Eyes! My Eyes! Her Eyes!

eyes hair piercings red - 5015659264
Created by Unknown

Everyone Likes to Wear Long, Dangly Earrings Sometimes

earrings piercings poorly dressed - 8197168896
Via Sylvaniax

New Meaning To The Phrase "Metal-Mouth"

metal mouth piercing piercings scary - 5920486912
Created by SkiFreeYeti

I Like The Pain, The Darkness, And The Sissy Ribbons

Hall of Fame piercings - 5877770752
Created by butterflyperception

It Usually Does!

best of week Hall of Fame piercings poorly dressed - 6372674304
Created by Unknown

I Didn't Know Pete Wentz Joined ZZ Top

beard hat piercings punk - 5094668288
Created by Unknown

Time to Go Tanning!

selfie tanning piercings - 7069453312
Created by anonymous

What The

piercings scary tattoo - 5949937664
Created by Unknown ( Via photoblog.msnbc.msn.com )

Tusken Raider Joins The Russian Mob

piercings star wars tattoo track suit wtf - 4681559296
Created by Unknown

This Girl Is A Real Puzzle

jacket make up piercings puzzle scary - 4505827840
Created by Unknown
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