Poorly Dressed


Gratuitous Picture of Your Gratuitousness

camera gpoy mirror pic phone self poortrait - 6312571392
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Forgot to Zip Up

dress phone self photo - 5125572608
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Because You've Wanted a Shoe Phone Ever Since You Saw Get Smart

flip flops phone poorly dressed sandals - 8264188928
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Retro Tech as a Fashion Statement

cell phone phone Steampunk testingzone - 4918054400
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For Those Times When You Need Privacy

cell phone hat phone - 5950026752
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Now With Convenient Handset Cradle!

retro poorly dressed phone - 8178579712
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Functional AND Fashionable

fashion phone - 7751863296
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Something New to Do With Your Old Landline Phone Cords

hair phone technology - 4928610560
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When All Other Pockets Fail...

badonk g rated Hall of Fame pants phone pocket poorly dressed - 6214077440
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Shoes - You're Doing It Wrong

Bling chains gangsta phone pockets shoes - 5987052544
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Alternatively: Don't Be Wedded to Your Technology?

pants phone technology - 6379380480
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Is That a Phone in Your Pocket...

jeans poorly dressed phone - 8396922368
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Is That You, Nicki Minaj?

hair phone selfie big hair funny - 7438348288
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Kids Today Have Never Seen a Phone Like This

purse poorly dressed phone kids these days - 8120865536
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Touch Screens Aren't Really an Option For You, Eh?

finger nails nails phone - 6357074176
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