Poorly Dressed


Clockwork orange, agent orange, or just a fruit orange. The rays of the sun and so so many other things. The radiant color should be honored as all others. with jokes and clever puns putting it to use. Orange you glad you didn't miss this?

The Orange of Hate, Death, Doom and Anger... Poor Orange

blue contacts emo Hall of Fame orange scene - 5111067392
By Unknown

Look, They Match!

bikini matching orange - 4870107392
By emilyyypd24

So Would This Be Just A Pant?

chains hat jeans orange pants weird - 4602045696
By Unknown

This Tanning Craze Has Gone Far Enough!

fashion makeup orange scary tan wtf - 4607444736
By Unknown

It's Not Easy Being Cheesy

cheetos orange - 6531794688
By Unknown

I Can Think of At Least 2 Things Faker Than That Smile

bikini fake orange - 4657440000
By kay

I Think You've Had Enough Sun

orange sun bathing tanning - 7135871488
By Unknown

The One On The Left Is Still In Training.

orange Party spray tan - 6015213568
By Unknown

Nice Disguise, E.T.

orange tanning - 7133344256
By Unknown

In the Wilds of the Mall...

orange poorly dressed mall g rated - 8123264000
Via Gibbyjr

Jersey Idiots

fake tan gel gross guido hair jersey orange tan - 4330326784
By Unknown

John, Go Change Your Shoes

color orange pants shoes wtf - 4133071104
By Unknown

*Tips Orange Fedora*

orange sunglasses poorly dressed fedora g rated - 8399333376
Via Izismile

Probably Best To Lay Off The Tanning For A While

guido orange prom spiked hair tanned - 5944571904
By Unknown

Why am I Hungry?

burger cheezburger high heels orange - 4276096768
By Unknown

An Orange Purse?! Are You Crazy?

green orange pink purse store wig wtf - 4512300032
By Unknown
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