Poorly Dressed

oh god why

Now That You've Seen The Picture, Enjoy Your Last Seven Days!

makeup oh god why weird what - 6325380096
Created by Unknown

The Mankini Parade is In Town!

best of week bikini dude parts g rated Hall of Fame mankini manly oh god why poorly dressed - 6472649472
Created by Unknown

Holey Moley!

belly dancer nope oh god why - 6450298112
Created by ItsMiley

There is Nothing Not Wrong Here

bra get a shirt oh god why underwear wtf - 6305083136
Via No Way Girl

Craig Sager: He's Starting a Trend, Really

basketball oh god why sports suit - 6254799360
Created by Unknown

Why'd You Have to Go and Knit This Nightmare?

Via k80k80k80

We're Going to Need More Than "Oral Care"

camo crossdressing oh god why Walmart weird - 6512888320
Created by Dee

All your life, huh?

oh god why - 5440281344
Created by Unknown

Two Body Types For the Price of One Picture!

beach fat oh god why speedo - 6305092096
Created by Unknown

Why Not Dress Down for a Day in the Park?

bra lady bits oh god why park underwear - 6510343936
Created by Unknown

Please, We Need to Find the Rest of that Dress

dress oh god why pants what - 6319464192
Created by KetsyBaby

Take That, Subtlety!

Via Cubicle Bot

Plus, Multiplication, Exponential, Close Enough

Barbie makeup oh god why - 6247489536
Created by No Ro

We've Gotta Pull That Poison Ivy Lip Gloss From The Shelves

club duck lips oh god why plastic surgery - 6470750976
Created by Unknown

Take a Look Kid, You Won't Be Seeing It Again For a While

baby bikini lady bits oh god why stroller what - 6391810560
Created by Unknown

Of These Things I Was Sure...

edward cullen Hall of Fame oh god why poorly dressed sexy times twilight vampire - 6298077184
Created by Unknown
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