Poorly Dressed


Well That Makes Good Sense...

colorful jacket newspaper purple tights wtf - 4212710912
By Unknown

This Should Do It

school uniform poorly dressed belt there I fixed it newspaper - 8321123328
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Extra! Extra!

moustache newspaper - 6612814848
By Unknown

I Applaud You, Sir

airport newspaper - 6905992960
By Unknown

He Has an Excuse All Planned Out

poorly dressed dat ass newspaper - 8075833600
By Unknown

For All Other Occasions, Use A Paper Bag

bag head newspaper plastic bag - 5939733504
By Unknown

The Newspaper Fairy

costume fairy newspaper weird - 4414864896
By christina1996

Feline Couture

Cats g rated newspaper poorly dressed - 5878504448
By Unknown

Look Closely...

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Some Things Are Best Left On TV

costume fans newspaper simpsons wedding - 5953860608
By Unknown

Ah, the Good Old Days

smoking hat vintage newspaper - 6881429504
By Unknown