Poorly Dressed


Kentucky Fried Chicken Minaj

chicken necklace nicki minaj - 5244194560
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You're Not Making the Best First Impression, OkCupid User

Hall of Fame human centipede necklace - 5255552000
Created by Unknown

Why Did You Pimp Out My Clothes Iron?

Bling necklace pimp - 6346305536
Created by Unknown

I No Longer Know What "Keeping it Real" Means

guns jesus necklace - 4266539264
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The Surprising Necklace Reaction

necklace poorly dressed funny - 7707996160
Created by anniefish

The Weirdest Facial Hair, Now the Most Ironic Necklace

beard facial hair hunger games ironic necklace - 6206650624

That Was My Reaction as Well

Bling necklace omg - 5312828160
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Merman Bling

Bling mermaid merman necklace - 5277216512
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Porcelain Bling

necklace street toilet - 5094883328
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Ice Cold Gangsta

necklace Bling nerd - 6772658944
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Let the Pizza Remain Unbroken

design fashion necklace pizza - 6253460736
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family guy g rated necklace poorly dressed stewie swag - 6076493312
Created by flapcat

I'm Not Going to Ask How the Hair is Holding That Position

fashion hair necklace weird - 6298076160
Created by Unknown

In Your Face, Flava Flav

Bling necklace - 4968307968
Created by powerpooch

Yeah Boi!

necklace clock - 6922962944
Created by Unknown

I Fixed It!

necklace paper clip - 4823797760
Created by Larissa