Poorly Dressed

monday thru friday

The New Monday Uniform

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Want to Wear a Fanny Pack, But Fear It's Not Manly Enough?

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It's a Rough Job, But Someone's Got to Do It

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Always Make Sure Your Shop is Up on the Latest Trends

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Don't Let This Happen

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You've Been Warned! (And Toddlers, You've Been Exempted!)

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The Average Best Buy Customer

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Nothing Says "Throw Venture Capital at Me" Like a Novelty T-Shirt

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That's How We All Feel About Them

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It's Sweater Weather For Everyone

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Hello Safety

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I Guess You COULD Use Them That Way

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A Helpful Reminder

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It's Already Shaping Up to Be One of Those Weeks

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Everything's Better With Graphs

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This Retail Worker's Mistake Could Start a New Fashion Trend

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