Poorly Dressed


A knight and shining armor is just a click away. Or a guy with a huge Quixotic complex who might go fight windmills. Whatever the case, knights are a classic and unforgettable part of history. So stay in for the knight and fill up on hilarious knight jokes and puns.

Knight in Fuzzy Armor

poorly dressed sweatshirt etsy hoodie armor knight win - 8282129152
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Dressed to WIN: Your Knight in Hoodie Armor

armor dressed to win hoodie knight poorly dressed - 6324684800
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Every Girl Just Wants a Knight in Shining Armor

costume knight - 6874507520
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Ready for Battle

gifs Cats knight - 6843989760
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You Can Take Our Lives, But You'll Never Take Our Frequent Flyer Miles

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Created by MPB

I Think Michael Jackson's Missing a Glove

cape cosplay glove knight sword - 4645554688
Created by Nicole J