Poorly Dressed


The Cheezburger Varsity Jacket

cat cheezburger g rated Hall of Fame jacket kitten poorly dressed - 5868992768
Created by Unknown

Let One Rip

jeans kitten pants rip tear - 4640986112
Created by realnowhereman5

I Don't Care What Your Name Is, From Now On I'm Calling You "Whiskers"

beard cat Hall of Fame kitteh kitten - 5038625536
Created by Unknown

No, YOU Stole MY Outfit!

poorly dressed socks kitten Cats - 8289128704
Via Izismile

He's in Touch With His Softer Side

kitten poorly dressed Cats g rated - 8037579776
Created by Unknown

PETA-Approved Live Kitten Shirt

peta kitten funny poorly dressed g rated - 7494676992
Created by Unknown
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