Poorly Dressed


Jesus is a figure in ancient history that is the focal point of one of the largest religions in the world. So it's natural tat any number of jokes and memes come out of a being so famous and well-known. From RaptorJesus to classic memes, there's something for everyone for the father of Christianity.

I No Longer Know What "Keeping it Real" Means

guns jesus necklace - 4266539264
By Unknown

Take it All for Jesus

innuendo jesus - 6153528064

The Lord Prefers Frappuccino

beard jesus robe sandals Starbucks - 4369296384
By Unknown

He Will Defiantly Be Judging Your Eyebrow Game

jesus fashion twitter eyebrows sassy poorly dressed - 8003496960
By Unknown

Jesus Saves...Your Complexion

jesus easter poorly dressed g rated - 8147407616
Via Feminine Freak

Rock Me, Homeless Jesus

jesus - 5269577216
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Is the Space Pope Reptilian?

jesus masks raptors - 7074910976
By Unknown

But He Isn't Sure About Your Hat

hat jesus superheroes poorly dressed superman - 8251126528
Via Costa Rican Times

I'll Try To Remember That

jesus pants sweater weird - 4468836096
By Unknown

It's Not Too Late to Learn, is It?

jesus creepy poorly dressed g rated - 6941244928
By Unknown

He's Probably Not Going to Like Living Inside Your Pokéball, Ash

jesus fashion Pokémon shirt - 7852551936
By Unknown

So Many Outfits to Choose From!

Hall of Fame jesus lady gaga religion - 5394284032
By Unknown

The Faithful Baker

hat jesus old prom religion - 5219111168
By Unknown

What Would Jesus Brew?

jesus poorly dressed puns t shirts tea - 8399377152
Via Goodie Two Sleeves

A Man With a Plan

jesus comic bus - 6994642688
Via Whyatt

Yabba Dabba Jesus

cross jesus - 4909100288
By Unknown
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