Poorly Dressed

jean shorts

You stare at her, it stares right back at you

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By Unknown

Somebody Call Animal Control...

bedazzled cougar jean shorts - 6554570240
Via Ratchet Central

Too much jean short, not enough shirt

jean shorts rednecks - 5332314112
By Smurphie123

Please... The Term 'Daisy Dukes' Comes From the '90s

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By Unknown

Summer Lovin'

cutoffs face paint jean shorts midriff sombrero - 4967771904
By Unknown

If he sags those you'll see his running shorts

g rated Hall of Fame jean shorts poorly dressed sagging shorts - 5500949504
By Unknown

It's Time to Stop Calling Them "Shorts"

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By Unknown

Those Cheeks Are No Longer Rosy

butt jean shorts - 5178334976
By Jane Peep

Who Wears Short Shorts?

jean shorts sexy tube top - 6613224960
By Unknown

Must Be a Scorcher Today

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By Unknown