Poorly Dressed


For Everyone Who Wanted to Be a Dragon When They Grew Up

dragon poorly dressed hoodie win g rated - 8162117376
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hoodie dogs - 6940897792
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The Pug Life

pug poorly dressed hoodie g rated - 8334145792
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A Color-Coordinating Nightmare

color hoodie - 5773582080
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Never Mind, We DON'T Want to Go For a Walk Anymore...

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The Pinstripe Hoodie: Demonstrating Power, But Also Laziness

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My Hoodie Totoro

poorly dressed hoodie win - 8162149376
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Who's Going to Avenge Fashion?

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Somehow, Misogyny Fashion Never Caught On

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Goes Perfectly With Your Hamburger Pants

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"Why Thank You, Sir! My Pants WERE Falling Down!"

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Transformers, More Than Covers Your Eyes

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I Don't Think She Knows...

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Lick It Good

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All Hoodies Should Be Reversible

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