Poorly Dressed


Has Anyone Seen My Kitchen Knives?

holes nose piercing poorly dressed - 5949633280
By Unknown

"I Control the Weather!"

holes weather clothes - 7401695232
By Unknown

They're Being Too Generous With the Pants Seat Sizes These Days

holes jeans pants underwear - 5274420992
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The Butt Slasher Is Still at Large

holes pants store - 5088288512
By Unknown

A Little Breathing Room

holes wtf - 7093948672
By Unknown

Still Not the Worst Thing You'll See on a City Bus

bus holes pants tear poorly dressed - 6181831680
By Unknown

Are Those Your Church Undies?

holes underwear - 6532009472
By Unknown

The One on the Left Is Making Eyes at Me, But I Think the One on the Right Is Actually Into Me

butt holes rip shorts tear - 5251714048
By Unknown

New: Underwear Cutouts!

holes jeans - 7682396416
By Sharylindra (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Aliens: They Live And Work Among Us

Aliens body mod holes piercings - 6018130944
By Unknown

Flow Charts For Everything

Hall of Fame holes men underwear women - 5955025152
By _AfterDarkness_

Jeans With a Little Room to Breathe

butts jeans holes - 6686857472
By Unknown

I'm Finished Eating Her Pants, I Must Now Move on to My Lanyards for Sustenance

holes pants weaves - 5117309440
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How Does He Speak?

alien hair holes mouth piercing piercings - 5944221184
By Unknown