Poorly Dressed


Looks Like a Sneaker, Feels Like a Pump

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Samurai Jack Can Still Kick Your Ass in Stilettos

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High-Top Heels?

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I'm Hoping Those Saddlebags Are Part Of The Outfit

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Heel Logic

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Poor Fashion Coverage: Should Have Used Some Cover-Up For Your "Manly Stubble and Chiselled Jawline"

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Don't Let Your Handicap Keep You Down

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After a Long Dance Rehearsal, Sasha Just Wants to Lie Down

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When You're Not Sure How Dressy the Occasion Is

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Another Goth Mermaid From Holland

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Love Heels But Still Want That Barefoot Look?

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When You Need Your Sneakers to Give You a Little Lift

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There's a Word for People Who Dress Like That and Hang Out in Similar Areas

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The Drink is Because He Finally Realized How Hard it is to Walk in Those Things

heels poorly dressed Subway - 8125948672
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"I Must Have Been Higher Than These Shoes When I Bought Them," She Thinks to Herself

heels platform shoes shoes - 5799450624
Created by Peter
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