Poorly Dressed


Welcome to London!

drag dude looks like a lady heels London - 5777494784
By 9shorty7

Just Do It! Then Stumble It! Then Break it In a Rain Gutter!

fashion heels nike shoes sneakers - 6382349568
Via Glamour

When You Need Your Sneakers to Give You a Little Lift

shoes heels poorly dressed sneakers - 8405146880
Via Izismile

Locked and Loaded

gun heels platforms shoes - 6414274560
By Unknown

Samurai Jack Can Still Kick Your Ass in Stilettos

heels funny - 7572276736
By Unknown

Where's "Good Sense" In the Dewey Decimal System?

fashion heels High Fashion weird - 6333064960
By Unknown

Nice Boots!

heels boots cross dressing - 6875597056
By Unknown

Look Great Right Up Until the Second You Break Your Ankle

shoes heels poorly dressed g rated - 8206125568
Via concerned420mom

One Good Shove and It's All Over

heels platform shoes platforms - 4953275136
By Unknown

Those Are Her Casual Heels

heels poorly dressed g rated - 8312974080
Via xaxor

After a Long Dance Rehearsal, Sasha Just Wants to Lie Down

heels stockings - 7753473792
By Unknown

Looks Like a Sneaker, Feels Like a Pump

shoes heels poorly dressed sneakers - 8197087744
Via Izismile

Poor Fashion Coverage: Should Have Used Some Cover-Up For Your "Manly Stubble and Chiselled Jawline"

cross dressing heels news skirt top - 4843137792
By Unknown

Spongebob Heelpants

custom g rated heels poorly dressed shoes SpongeBob SquarePants what - 6461940480
By Unknown

Heel Logic

fashion heels high heels whoops - 6469159680
By ScreamItsKat

"I Must Have Been Higher Than These Shoes When I Bought Them," She Thinks to Herself

heels platform shoes shoes - 5799450624
By Peter
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