Poorly Dressed


I tip my hat to you, and have a wonderful day. Where are the days where people used to talk with such dignity and respect. Now it's all MAGA this and Save the Planet that. Why not just go back to good old fashion headgear. You know, to cover that massive bald patch you pretend you don't have.

This Youtube Commenter Says it Better Than I Could

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Just HAVING a Brain is Not Enough, Need To Flaunt It

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Nice Swag!

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That Hat is SO Not You

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Nice Hat

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What Does He Evolve Into?

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Say No! to This Guy

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Can't Accuse This Guy of Staring at You Creepily

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I Wonder What the Owner Calls It...

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What a Schmuck

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Dressed to Win: I'd Give You My Axe, But You've Probably Never

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That's Not a Hat...

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Probably Not the Ugliest Hat There

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A Big F**king Rose by Any Other Name Would Still Smell as Sweet

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Photo Taken With Instagame

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Never Too Old For a Propeller Hat

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