Poorly Dressed


I tip my hat to you, and have a wonderful day. Where are the days where people used to talk with such dignity and respect. Now it's all MAGA this and Save the Planet that. Why not just go back to good old fashion headgear. You know, to cover that massive bald patch you pretend you don't have.

What Kind of Look is She Going For?

hat shorts poorly dressed - 8115011328
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Welcome to New York

bicycle hat patriotic weird - 4686576896
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Head Over Boot Over Boot Over Head Over...

hair hat High Fashion shoe - 6181310208
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These Aren't My Ears...

dogs hat Inception pet - 6511952384
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Who's Worse?

fashion hat jacket leather weird wtf yellow - 4535265792
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Back From a Long Day of Hunting in the Siberian Forest

camo camouflage hat - 5196036864
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This Bird Always Has a Feather For His Cap

birds hat feathers poorly dressed - 8224604160
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Ah, the Good Old Days

smoking hat vintage newspaper - 6881429504
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Needs More Bagpipe

hat old man underwear - 5912333824
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The Squid Is Slowly Consuming Her

hat Japan japanese Sad squid tentacles - 6035995136
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Ready For the First Day of (Obedience) School

dogs poorly dressed glasses cute hat - 8301909504
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Tacos Now Come in a Snapback

fashion food hat tacos - 7969924864
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It's Always Important For Your Hat to Match Your Scarf

scarf poorly dressed cute hat animals - 8083332608
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Sign Me Up!

au natural hat translation - 4876312320
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coat green hat pimp wrestler wtf - 4222446336
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When One Fedora Isn't Enough

poorly dressed fedora hat - 8139598592
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