Poorly Dressed


No Ma'am You Can Not!

gross lost no thanks shirt - 4566312448
Created by nanomie

What Does It Mean?

colorful gross weird wtf - 4664693504
Created by Unknown

This Is My "Under" Shirt

gross tank top underwear weird wtf - 4423995136
Created by Unknown

Zombie Snack Earrings

earrings gross zombie - 6414775552
Created by Unknown

America At It's Finest

america bathing suit fat flag gross - 4497617408
Created by LunaBell87


dude fur coat gross - 4040928512
Created by sevir

The Stripes Help Not One Bit

back gross stripes - 6355337472
Created by Unknown

Please Say That's Spray-Tan

bus gross public transit spray tan tan train what - 6370131712
Created by Unknown

Never Too Old For A String Bikini

beach bikini gross old thong - 4612264704
Created by Snake73

Is Individuality Really Worth Your Cheeks?

gauges gross piercings plugs - 4459123968
Created by Unknown

Let It All Hang Out!

boobs bunny ears gross scary weird wtf - 4611653888
Created by Unknown

Fashion Is A Terminal Illness

bald catwalk fashion gross scary - 4311315968
Created by speedbagger

It'll Get Me To Stay Away From People Like This, Though

dating gross sexy times shirt - 6329407744
Created by Unknown

This is What Happens When You Roll on the Floor of a Theater

candy celeb gross jacket leather - 6079615232
Created by Unknown

Don't Get Distracted, Look Her in the Eyes

creepy gross illusion lips makeup - 6369384192
Via Neatorama

Isn't Retirement Great?

funny grandma gross shirt - 4347443456
Created by Unknown
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