Poorly Dressed


Polish those glasses and take a close look. These four-eyed memes and puns are loaded with laughs and and groans just waiting to be had. It will be quite the spectacle so make sure you don't blink, you'll miss it.

Perscription, Right?

emo fake glasses hipster scene - 6283610624
By butterflyperception

One Cool Cat

glasses smoking Cats - 7111720704
By Unknown

Walter Sobchak's Vietnam Days

glasses moustache mullet - 5053128960
By Unknown

Finally, A Use For Your Old Jeans

cape flying glasses jeans - 5902371840
By Unknown

I Hear Some People Even Need Them to See!

fake fashion glasses hipsters nerd - 6321997824
Via Reddit

He's Watching You, Son

buzzcut face glasses hair - 6202905344
Via No Way Girl

People Are Starting to Be Concerned About You

glasses plastic surgery sunglasses - 5186386944
Via izismile.com

The Crucial Difference Glasses Make

cartoons comic glasses - 4925673984
By Unknown

Who Let the Dogs Out?

street dogs glasses - 7003765248
By Unknown

The Importance of Dressing Poorly

glasses wig - 4767334400
By Unknown

I'm Going To Connect Those Dots... With My Fist!

club cyberpunk glasses rave weird - 4539731456
By Unknown


bra crossdressing glasses nerd panties - 4018277376
By Unknown


beard glasses gross hipster stains - 4065407744
By Unknown

Who Wore it Better?

who wore it better glasses - 7150241024
By Unknown

Needs More Swag

neon swag glasses - 7382445312
By Meqad

Just Keep Trying

glasses paint underwear wtf - 4692756224
By Snake73
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