Poorly Dressed


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Ride 'Em Cowboy!

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Leatherface Poses With the Wicker Man

gay leather - 5220115200

Never Knew Coal Dust Could Be So Fabulous

gay glitter rainbow - 4861893120

Looks Like Someone Else is Happy to Score in the 5-Hole Too

fashion sports hockey gay poorly dressed - 7907974144

There is No Cure for "Jungle Bieber Fever"

animal print gay - 6733075456
Created by Jeejee

Hallmark Omits Gay Lyric on New Holiday Sweater

FAIL sweater gay holidays poorly dressed g rated - 7875974400
Via Huffington Post

Volatile, Do Not Shake

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Thuper Mario Bros.

cosplay gay Super Mario bros - 6621702656

Everyone Has Their Price

T.Shirt gay - 6940397056

We've Exhausted All Possibilities

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Hey Sexy Ladyboys

gay - 6741399552
Created by pojken

Riddle Me This...

batman gay - 6552060928

Should Have Left These Shirts in the Closet

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He Ain't Denying It

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Way to Rub It in, Jake

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Then Tax It, Right?

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