Poorly Dressed


Pondering This Question Will Heel Your Sole

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These Come in Handy If You're at a Wine Stomping Party

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How You Know Your Shoes Are Too Tight

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Watch Out, We Have a Badass Over Here

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How To Perfect That Hobbit Look

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Nice Try, Cinderella

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How To Use The Money You Save Doing Your Own Pedicures

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They're Supposed to Do That, Honest!

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Pinky (Toe) Out? So Fancy!

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Are They at Least Comfortable?

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So That's Why Toe Rings Never Caught On

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It's Like a Pedicure that Never Needs Touching Up

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Just When You Thought Toe Shoes Couldn't Get Any More Hideous

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Love the Look of Sandals But Hate Your Actual Feet?

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Monitoring Fashionable Feet Just Got Easier

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