Poorly Dressed


It's all fake. All of it. None of it is real. It is all a mirage you must see throughׄ

I'm Revoking Your Plastic Surgery Privileges

animals breasts dogs fake - 5296849152
By Unknown

Seems Legit

fake sneakers - 6659561472
By Unknown

So Much Classier Than Praderp

fake fashion gucci knockoff - 6276192768
By Unknown

Perscription, Right?

emo fake glasses hipster scene - 6283610624
By butterflyperception

It's, Uh, for Hot Dogs. Totes.

fake lips plastic sex - 5769290496
By Medicineman

Going for the "Shark Fin" Style

fake hair toupee wig - 5226817792
By Unknown

Parents, Please Don't Dress Your Kids Like This

children fake Hall of Fame makeup - 5028455936
By Unknown

I Can Think of At Least 2 Things Faker Than That Smile

bikini fake orange - 4657440000
By kay

In Case You Couldn't Tell...

shoes poorly dressed fake sneakers - 8436381440
Via Acid Cow

Obvious vs. Curious

breasts fake gifs swimsuit - 5126483200
By Friedi (Via www.eblogx.com)

Spock Is Jealous of Your Eyebrows

eyebrows eyeliner fake - 4352897792
By Unknown

Bringing Booty Back

poorly dressed pants fake - 8370233088
Via wetmosaic

She Must Be Paid by One Team to Root for the Other Team

eyeliner fake sports - 4335187200
By Unknown

I Hear Some People Even Need Them to See!

fake fashion glasses hipsters nerd - 6321997824
Via Reddit

Someone Was Only Smiling with Her Eyes

fake - 7777491968
By Unknown

Can't Wait Until My Ten-Milliliter Cowboy Hat Arrives

cowboy fake hat hats store - 5299911168
Via snurby.tumblr.com