Poorly Dressed


It's time to get some exercise. Stretch those legs, get yourself going today, don't let yourself become one with the couch. Enjoy some of these hilarious high-tempo puns and jokes that will have you gasping for breath.

Leopards At The Gym

cat cheetah exercise g rated gym leopard leopard print poorly dressed - 6032516608
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In Soviet Russia, Clothes Wear You!

exercise Hall of Fame hat russia shirtless - 5917361664
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Expert Power Napper

nap poorly dressed exercise t shirts working out - 8139610624
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Usually You Try to Keep Your Hair OUT of Your Face at the Gym...

gym poorly dressed gifs backwards exercise ponytail - 8282016256
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You'll Still Have Your Workouts When You're Single

dating gym exercise poorly dressed - 8124302080
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