Poorly Dressed


Emoji are ideograms and smileys used in electronic messages and web pages. It is an extremely popular form of communicating within the online environment. 

Emoji + Socks + Sandals = Perfect Outfit

emoji poorly dressed socks sandals - 8431800832
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Wear Your Emotions On Your Shorts

emoji shorts poorly dressed - 8258768384
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How I Feel in Sweats -> :D

emoji poorly dressed sweatpants sweatshirt g rated - 8422688000
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This Dress is Pretty :Smiling_Pile_of_poop:

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All You Need is a Little Button to Indicate How You're Feeling

emoji poorly dressed shirt g rated - 8171849984
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Look Closely...

poop emoji poorly dressed shirt - 8422470656
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The Only Time You Might WANT Poop on Your Shoes?

emoji shoes poop poorly dressed - 8158457088
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