Poorly Dressed


Direct Instructions Won't Work on a Toy Sir, But Nice Try

elmo shirt funny - 7380481536
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Elmo Takes On A Creepy, Mustachioed, Persona

elmo innuendo mustache poorly dressed Sesame Street - 5492172800
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Freaking-Me-Out Elmo

bicycle doll elmo hat street - 5296524544
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On Their Way Back to Sesame Street

Cookie Monster poorly dressed helmet elmo motorcycle - 8134155776
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Committed to the Elmo Look

elmo - 7732718592
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Elmo Says "Oh Hell No"

elmo g rated poorly dressed Sesame Street weave what wig - 6207350528
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Elmo's Rebellious Phase

poorly dressed helmet elmo motorcycle - 8132870144
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costume contest costume elmo halloween Sesame Street - 4133044736
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