Poorly Dressed


What's Keeping That Up?

dress - 6675506176
Created by Unknown

Perfect For Football Season

jersey poorly dressed dress - 8294139904
Via Front Row Shop

That Dress Is So Camp!

tent camouflage dress classic funny - 7443866112
Via Metro

This is Why We Enforce a Dress Code

cross dressing dress skirt - 6181833984
Created by Unknown

I've Got A Little Surprise

armpit asian dress hair wedding wtf - 4531129088
Created by Unknown

What to Do With That Oversized T-Shirt

DIY dress t shirts poorly dressed oversized - 8265253120
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His Roots and Beard Colour Match Though

fashion beard gender bender dress - 7806032384
Created by Julee118

More Money, More Problems

dress face paint money - 4725342464
Created by TheEyezofFL

What a Trashy Dress...

homemade clothes dress - 7066833152
Created by Unknown

That Outfit Really Highlights Her Best Parts

funny fail image teacher dressed like highlighter
Via jackblk

The Only Thing More Disturbing Is Her Dress

bear cat creepy dress hair hairdo smile tiger wig - 6001103360
Created by Unknown


camouflage dress prom redneck suit - 4442185472

I Tried to Warn Them About Tank-Bottoms. I Tried!

dress fat no nope oh god why tank top - 6475912960
Created by Unknown

Product Placement

dress Product Placement skirt - 4921734144
Created by Sarah

It Looks Like Goodwill Threw Up All Over This Poor Bloke.

mismatched dress - 7670062848
Created by Unknown

My Mom Stayed Up All Night Eating Doritos and Sewing My Dress

dress homemade - 6549380096
Created by Unknown
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