Poorly Dressed


Poor Fashion Coverage: You Pierced My Heart

dress face paint piercings wedding - 4850440192
By Unknown

A Tiny Skirt to Match Your Tiny Purse!

dress purse short skirt whoops - 6261250304
By Unknown

Shrink Wrap Keeps You Fresh and Wrinkle-Free

dress underwear - 5054820352
By Unknown

Dressed to WIN: Ms. Pac Man Steps Out

dress pac man pacman video games win - 5778357760
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And You Thought Your Work Uniform Was Bad

monday thru friday poorly dressed dress g rated - 8301047808
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This is Why It's Tradition to Just Wear White

america dress sale wedding - 4330172672
By Unknown

No No, You Replace the Pants When That Happens

dress hipster pants skort - 6469867008
By Unknown

Thirty Laps Around the City, That Was the Deal

bride dress wedding - 6238158848
By Unknown

She's Green Tea Flavored

look like what you drink
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Who Knew You Could Get Chaps Made Into a Dress

fashion wtf chaps dress poorly dressed - 8002595840
By Unknown

Gun Rack Not Included

confederate flag dress - 7455672576
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Me Gusta!

dress Rage Comics - 6529326848
By Unknown

Ok, This TP Dress Might Actually Be a Win

display dress win - 7726081792
By Unknown

Bulgarian Prom. OR: "How Not to Prom"

dress lady bits prom school - 6258343936
By Unknown

The All-Purpose Utility Bride

bride dress tool - 6311505920
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Sorry, Didn't See You There

bus camouflage disguise dress - 6061969664
By Unknown
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