Poorly Dressed


As a Fellow Doll, Woody Is the Perfect Judge

doll - 7756733440
Created by Unknown

She Hearts Unicorns!

doll heart unicorn - 4261380608
Created by Unknown

Human, or Mannequin?

bewbs cross dresser doll lips makeup plastic surgery - 6207226880
Created by Unknown

IRL Troll Doll

doll scary troll wtf - 4335173120
Created by Taylor

It's Jacket Weather Again

poorly dressed head doll coat - 8371221248
Via ChrisMcD_

Giving "Barbie Shoes" a Whole New Meaning

shoes poorly dressed Barbie head doll g rated - 8188383488
Via The Berry

That's a Funny Man-Shaped Necklace, Pale Woman

asian doll dolls - 5274615552
Created by mcveyla

Which Side Is Smarter - You Decide

doll hood jacket - 5933608448
Created by lollerderby

I Guess This Means I'm Cool Now?

chicken poorly dressed doll matching g rated - 8421199616
Via Izismile

Dolled Up

doll dolls stroller walking - 5148439296
Created by Unknown

What a Cute Doll, I Think I'll Play With... OHGEEZ

creepy doll mask - 4950798080
Created by Unknown

Freaking-Me-Out Elmo

bicycle doll elmo hat street - 5296524544
Created by Unknown