Poorly Dressed


Time to break it down and disco. Bring it back and tear it up and show these kids how it's done. Boogie it on down and bring it back with these retro puns and jokes.

Good Point, Poster, Maybe I SHOULD Change My Outfit

disco pants school shiny space sparkly - 6322022656
By Unknown

Ugh, That Dog is Committing a Fashion Felony

disco fashion gucci hat pet - 6332706304
By Unknown

Flash Flood at the Disco? She's Ready!

bodysuit disco pants funny - 7455665920
Via Spanish Moss Shop

In Case Your Uggs Needed More DISCO FLAIR

disco gold shoes uggs - 6321184000
Via No Way Girl

See Everything Through Rose-Colored Glasses

classic disco pink Sequins - 4682530048
By Snake73

Just Another Day at Disco Beach

80s band beach disco Music - 5298473984
By Päivi

Disco Terror

bodysuit disco pink scooter terror - 5784238592
By Unknown

Run Away, Donald Trump! The Hair Fairy Is Coming to Get You!

disco tattoo testingzone weave - 4726555904
By Unknown