Poorly Dressed


This Must Be From the Pages of "Aging Parents Try to Stay Trendy for Their Kids" Magazine

Ad denim Sequins - 5274249984
Created by Unknown

How Much Did They Pay Him To Wear That Jacket?

bedazzled denim fashion jeans Sequins - 5944944896
Created by Unknown

They Charge Extra for the Fake Poo Stains

denim jeans stain - 5801247232
Created by Unknown

You Couldn't Even Bother to Have Matching Denim Shoes?

denim fishnet pants trashy underwear - 6238164224
Created by Unknown

Denim Ghillie Suit

chair denim jacket woman wtf - 4538838784
Created by Unknown

Tiny Belts Sold Seperately

boots denim fashion jeans what - 5913815040
Created by Andrea ( Via www.etsy.com )

It's Time to Stop Calling Them "Shorts"

bikini denim jean shorts jeans thong underwear - 5769168640
Created by Unknown

Interesting Choice of Adjective

denim poorly dressed hat - 8111601920
Via Google

Your Antidote to '90s Nostalgia

90s denim mullet nostalgia - 6214606336
Via Reddit

How Much Denim is in Your Old Family Photos?

90s denim family photo family portrait poorly dressed - 8240538624
Via TuskenRaiders

She Got A Little Crazy WIth The Bedazzler

denim jeans - 4458282240
Created by cyanidemartini

To Go With Your Three Wolf Moon Top

Cats denim hipster ironic shorts - 6069757440
Created by Unknown

How Many Yards Of Denim Is That?

chair denim fabric heavy Party Photo - 6019763968
Created by Unknown

Rock Out And Pout

denim leggings leopard make up rock - 4554035200
Created by Unknown

Arts and Crafts Has Never Been so FAIL-y

denim dress - 5934240256
Created by Nightmare ( Via Etsy )

"Muffin Top" Is Inadequate, For Once

denim Hall of Fame muffin top oh god why poorly dressed short shorts tattoo - 6062510080
Created by Unknown
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