Poorly Dressed


Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Stops Me Every Time!

clever cute g rated Pokémon poorly dressed snorlax underwear - 6479023872
By Unknown

Teddy Bear Sweater Power

cute Hall of Fame punk sweater - 5119659520
By liisas

It Even Has a Tail!

poorly dressed cute hoodie Cats - 8381614848
Via Felissimo

That Chain Chomp Looks Sadder Than I Remember

cosplay cute kids Super Mario bros - 7948733440
Via Reddit

I Give These Socks My Seal of Approval

poorly dressed socks cute - 8436373504
Via Cute Dose

The Only Raccoon You Really Want Around

cute shoes poorly dressed - 8356619776
Via Shopbop
vintage cat memes cute cats kittens meme history 1900 lolcats amazing interesting cool aww | black and white photograph of two farmer kittens holding a rake and a watering can

100-Year-Old Vintage Cat Memes

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Cthulhu Slippers WIN

cute slippers cthulhu g rated win - 6915810560
Via Laughing Squid

New Fashion Accessory Down Undah

fashion cute - 7752147200
Via Cuteoverload
Cute bearded dragon lizards looking dashing while wearing top hats

Bearded Dragons Are Looking Super Fabulous In Their Tiny Hats

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The Cuteness Isn't Tickling My Fancy So Much As My Gag Reflex

Cats cute leggings - 5060573952
By Lazy_Ass12

Under Arrest For Being A Little Too Fuzzy-Wuzzy

arrest cute fuzzy police slippers - 5968324864
By Unknown

Yo Dawg, Ears

accessory cute ears Inception yo dawg - 6321411072
Via Joanne Casey

Close Enough, Dude

classic cute dress shirt tumblr - 6509096704
By Unknown

These Panties Have Ears; Your Argument is Invalid

panties poorly dressed your argument is invalid ears cute animals underwear - 8436040704
Via ThinkGeek

Ewok-Kitty Hybrid

cute ewok Cats - 6977444096
Via Fashionably Geek
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