Poorly Dressed


To Match Your Crocs

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By dancegavindance

As If Wearing a Neon Pink Burlap Sack Wasn't Bad Enough

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By Unknown

The Crocs Ruined It

bicycle wtf dr seuss crocs poorly dressed g rated - 6815684608
By Unknown

Blasphemous Fashion

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By Unknown

Shoes: They're Getting Uglier

comics uggs crocs - 7294316288
Via Doodle Time

So That's What They're For

shoes poorly dressed crocs - 8178561024
Via The Troubador

All This, and I STILL Focus On the Crocs

poorly dressed anime crocs - 8377717504
Via otakusaikyo

It's Become Sentient!

poorly dressed crocs - 8286652672
Via Izismile

Liberace's Crocs

shoes gold crocs poorly dressed - 7148595968
By Unknown

The Worst Shoes in the World?

crocs nicholas cage shoes - 6479024640
By Unknown

Just When We Thought Crocs Couldn't Get Worse

crocs shoes toes - 6600344320
By the.magheera

Too Real CleverBot, Too Real

fashion disney crocs The Little Mermaid poorly dressed g rated - 7847202816
By Unknown

We've Hit a New Low

converse crocs facebook failbook sneakers - 6470346240
Via Reddit
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