Poorly Dressed


Keeps Everything Warm

crochet knit shorts sweater underwear warm - 6013264384
Created by Snake_AfterDark

Your Chicken Looks Cold

crochet chicken poorly dressed sweater - 8208967424
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THOCKS! Thong-Socks

crochet socks thongs - 6745436672
Created by Unknown

Easy There, Grandma

crochet too much - 7435711232
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One Etsy Entrepreneur Makes Shorts Out of Vintage Blankets

crochet shorts poorly dressed etsy vintage - 8436007424
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Not Your Average Wetsuit

crochet poorly dressed - 8301050112
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Before the Latex, Superman Experimented with Alternate Textiles

crochet granny superman - 7777564928
Created by Unknown

Just Put it Back on the Couch When You're Done

crochet poorly dressed g rated - 8195171328
Via Acid Cow

Do You Think He Likes the Hat?

crochet Uncategorized poorly dressed whatbreed - 8319283456
Via Erdo79

Keep Your Feet Safe and Warm

crochet poorly dressed puns slippers g rated - 8152168192
Via Dump a Day

Together, They Fight Crime

cape crochet - 4921829120
Created by Unknown

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