Poorly Dressed


The New Standard for Fire Sales

sales clothes - 7722004224
By Unknown


bread clothes food model - 4175148032
By christellar

Hard to Spell, Too

baby clothes spelling typo - 6467425792
By Dragoon11792

Suddenly it all makes sense! Global Warming makes the world sexier!

clothes fashion global warming g rated poorly dressed underwear - 5563516928
By Unknown


clothes fashion flannel g rated men poorly dressed women - 5645620992
Via khaleesi

A Helpful Reminder

monday thru friday sign poorly dressed closet clothes g rated - 8169425152
Via bmwhd

New Clothes Make You Feel Fabulous at Any Age

penguins clothes animals - 7880978432
By Unknown

What's REALLY Being Classified Here?

monday thru friday sign retail clothes g rated - 8380766208
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Busty Girl Problems

fit comic clothes - 7678147584
By Serrena (Via bustygirlcomics.com)

He's Just Blending In!

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He Was Just Checking the Thread Count

blouse clothes poorly dressed - 7651545600
By Unknown

They Forgot How To Clothes

FAIL job clothes - 7769723392
By Unknown

When You Love Cats, But That Message Isn't Clear

When You Love Cats, But That Message Isn't Clear
Via eikvelniop

The Clothing Cryptology Guide

laundry fashion clothes - 7788070656
By Unknown

T-Shirts for Every Stage of Life

t shirts clothes shirts - 8090905600
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Unclutter Your Closet

fashion closet clothes - 7846173184
Via visual.ly
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