Poorly Dressed


Good Concept, Terrible Execution

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By Unknown

Take Me Out to the Game, But on a Budget

baseball clever hat sports - 6223894784
By notacrispy

I Would, But Those Are So Cliche By Now

clever comic hipsters parody poster - 6261915648
By Unknown

Disturbing Yet Awesome

backpack clever creepy - 6044525824
By Unknown

Stops Me Every Time!

clever cute g rated Pokémon poorly dressed snorlax underwear - 6479023872
By Unknown

Just a Few Letters From Being a Really Nice Guy

clever sexy times shirt wait what - 6104680192
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Ear Beanies: Coming to a Hipster Near You

clever g rated hipsters poorly dressed - 5554374912
By Unknown

Real Hipsters Were Following These Rules Before There Was a Poster

clever hipster poster - 6165323776
Via gusto 1

Dressed to Win: Turtle Power!

beanie clever g rated Hall of Fame head poorly dressed teenage mutant ninja turtles - 5649211648
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You're Making My Brain Hurt, Please Stop

bag clever design illusion Subway - 6129718784
By Unknown

Everyone Stands at Attention for a Good Pun

clever pun science shirt T.Shirt - 6281234176
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That's Just the Sweetest Thing

clever design heart ouch shirt - 6438180352
By Unknown

What Did You Say About My Shoes?!

shoes signs clever poorly dressed g rated - 7405198592
By Unknown

The Best Response To Being Called Lazy

lazy clever shirt animal sloth - 7802183424
By Unknown

Walmart Problems

clever e card pajamas Walmart - 6250555392
By Unknown

Naughty Cats Are Invading Our Shirts!

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