Poorly Dressed


If You Stand Still Long Enough, People Will Start Putting Presents By Your Feet

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By Unknown

"Barfing Christmas" is My New Saying

christmas poorly dressed christmas sweaters - 8403300608
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Great Scott!

christmas poorly dressed back to the future puns christmas sweaters - 8405277184
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Creepy Santa Watches ALL YEAR, Not Just After Halloween

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King/Queen Kringle

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By Unknown

Not Everything About Christmas is Jolly

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Step Up Your Christmas Game

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Looks like Cindy Lou Who Grew Up And Got Some Tattoos

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By JeLaSei

Cats are Serious Business

christmas sweaters Memes Cats poorly dressed g rated - 6846850048
By Unknown

Looks Like The Grinch Stole This Guys' Style

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By roblombardi

Time For Some Festive Cycling

christmas poorly dressed Cats santa hat - 8403308032
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This Ugly Sweater-Shirt Has Some Wise Wisdom

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By Unknown

Everything You Wanted to Know About Christmas’s Ugly Sweaters

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Save This Idea For Next Year

balls christmas sweaters christmas reindeer poorly dressed g rated - 8411874304
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Your Christmas Gift is Here, Ladies

christmas poorly dressed - 8393979904
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Perfect, No One Will Suspect They Aren't Actual Reindeer

Knitta Please christmas dogs wtf reindeer - 7924418048
By monamie
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