Poorly Dressed


The Bounty Clucker

chicken star wars - 4767253504
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That's Was the Only Way She'd Be Described as Finger Lickin' Good

chicken shopping why - 6162023168
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I Guess This Means I'm Cool Now?

chicken poorly dressed doll matching g rated - 8421199616
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Kentucky Fried Chicken Minaj

chicken necklace nicki minaj - 5244194560
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Are You Bawking at My Purse?

purse chicken poorly dressed puns g rated - 8129993216
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Don't Read Too Much Into It

chicken pants pun sweatpants - 6461911296
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Your Chicken Looks Cold

crochet chicken poorly dressed sweater - 8208967424
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Because Sometimes You Just Want Your Hair to Look Like a Chicken

chicken hairdo hair poorly dressed - 8135452928
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With this Hi-Vis Vest, What Chicken Wouldn't Cross the Road?

wtf chicken vest safety animals - 7885936128
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How Did The Chicken Cross the Road? In Flip Flops, Clearly

flip flops chicken cross - 7756717824
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