Poorly Dressed


The Difference Moustaches Make

celeb infographic moustache - 4943153408

This Teen Strikes Some Hilariously Inspired Glamour Poses on Instagram

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Memes poking fun at the oscars 2019 academy awards ceremony and those attending and their outfits and dresses

The Best Oscar 2019 Memes That Will Have You Smiling At Your Phone Like An Idiot (28 Memes)

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Lookin' Good!

SpongeBob SquarePants celeb - 7302490624

Time For Us to Have a Talk, Ms. Cyrus

celeb hair haircut miley cyrus - 6508447232

Way to Rub It in, Jake

celeb cowboy gay shirt - 6078888448

Oh Gary Oldman, You So Crazy

poorly dressed g rated celeb - 7572485888


bottle blondes celeb - 3551700480

Now You Need to Do the Leg-Thing

Angelina Jolie celeb shirt - 6441526528

Angelina NOPE-lie

celeb lips lookalike makeup nope - 6239485696

Chapter Two: A DeNiro Negligee is Also a Bad Idea

dresses steve buscemi celeb funny poorly dressed - 7607557120
Via 6bitch6craft6.tumblr.com
dresses celeb prom - 476933

Here's How These 15 Celebrities Prepared for Prom

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This is What Happens When You Roll on the Floor of a Theater

candy celeb gross jacket leather - 6079615232

Lookin' sharp there, Matt

celeb christmas sweater fashion g rated poorly dressed - 5567735808

Oh Marc, We Need to Talk

celeb fashion see through style what - 6218254080
Via Go Fug Yourself

Never Has Been, Never Will

celeb IDGAF swimsuit - 6138640128
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