Poorly Dressed


Never Too Old For Spongebob, Right?

poorly dressed SpongeBob SquarePants t shirts bus - 8307904512
Via Izismile

Nice to Cheeks You. Meet You.

bus butts crack public transport Subway - 6181836544
By Unknown

None Can Penetrate My Bag Armor!

bag bus poncho trash trash bag - 6210288128
By Unknown

Pretty in Pink

wtf pink bus - 7074298112
By Unknown

When You're Not Sure What Kind of Pants You Want to Wear

jeans poorly dressed leopard print bus - 8217016576
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She's Got the Eyebrow Game Cornered

bus eyebrows poorly dressed - 8229353984
Via Thesteelman86

A Man With a Plan

jesus comic bus - 6994642688
Via Whyatt

This is Your Stop

scary pumpkins costume bus - 6764048128
By Unknown

I'll Just Get Off at the Next Stop

belly bus - 6628813824
By Unknown

Somebody Call Animal Control!

onesie animal prints too tight bus poorly dressed g rated - 7074305024
By Unknown

It's All Good in the Hood

bus ghetto hair - 5796216832
By Unknown

Tokyo Midriff

midriff belly bus - 7035162368
By Unknown

So That's How it Works

bus hair haircut poorly dressed g rated - 8204785920
Via Dump a Day

Why Don't People Really Wear Watches Anymore?

poorly dressed watch clock bus tape g rated - 8307597312
Via theCHIVE

Boot Buddies!

jeans poorly dressed boots matching bus - 8425952768
Via Izismile

Sorry, This Bus is Going in The Opposite Direction of The Circus

bus clown juggalo makeup public transportation - 6189472256
By Unknown
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