Poorly Dressed


I'm Blue if I was Green I might die, there is some.... yeah some of us we're kids in the 90s. A beautiful color and cult classic techno song, and even a powerful emotion. Such a versatile word, and the connotations can really go...anywhere. Take a chance, a gander, maybe find a new meaning for the word Blue for you.

Scotty the Creepy Blue Bunny

blue heels rabbit - 5016900608
By Unknown

The Least You Could Do is Get the Car to Match

blue car leopard pose print weird what - 6488725504
Via No Way Girl


blue coat fur glasses - 3331369728
By Unknown

The Orange of Hate, Death, Doom and Anger... Poor Orange

blue contacts emo Hall of Fame orange scene - 5111067392
By Unknown

Hey! Listen!

blue fairy - 6550031104
By Unknown

Darth Avatar

blue robe star wars weird - 4630649600
By Derek

Classic: More Reason to Dislike Avatar

Avatar blue - 4290432000
By mcveyla


backpack bad idea blue mismatched stockings - 4057344256
By xXchelsXx

Yeah, There's A Hunk Of Something

blue purple skin tight unitard wtf - 4444000512
By Stephail


blouse blue dance dressy - 3347215872
By Unknown

Know Everything About This Spring's New It Colour: Dazzling Blue

blue fashion - 7888235520
By neomam (Via www.fashiongonerogue.com)

For Lunch Today I've Brought Two Melons and a Pear

blue bodysuit cornrows - 4913591040
By Unknown

Why So Blue?

blue shoes birds feet - 7155446784
By Unknown

So. Many. Colors.

blue boa colors green juggalo - 4446273536
By Monky Magic for Gold

The Representative from Whoville has the Floor

blue funny big hair poorly dressed g rated - 7612695808
By Nash (Via www.ahbai.org)